The Grower The Roots of Australia.

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The Grower - The Roots of Australia - book spread From the vast expansions of land of bulk commodity crops such as wheat, barley, canola lupins in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, to the colourful horticulture sector that graces every household, to vitaculture in the Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Margaret River and South Australia, plant and tree nurseries, to the more unique things like safron, ginger, hemp, cocoa, opium poppies, truffles, and jojoba all over Australia. See what life is really like through an amazing series of personal stories and beautiful photographs.
The Grower series give a photographic and informative insight into each industry and how we farm today. You can't help but feel the passion that the farmers have for what they do, understand a little of their hardship, but see that they strive to succeed in an ever challenging environment.
Hard covered
408 pages of photography and stories of properties and people all over Australia.
Covering every aspect of agriculture in Australia related to broad acre cropping, sugarcane, horticulture, nurseries, cut flowers and turf, fermented beverages and boutique and emerging crops.

Throughout The Grower books, you will gain an understanding of:
The changing environment and caring for it
Change over the last 100 years
Staffing challenges
Plant and animal husbandry
The melting pot of cultures involved in agriculture