Queensland & Northern Territory Pastoral Stations Atlas 11th Edition

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A comprehensive atlas of Queensland and Northern Territory Pastoral Stations with detailed mapping.

158 pages which includes 52 pages showing all of Queensland @1:1.000.000 - 36 pages showing Central & Southern Queensland@ 1:500,000 - 6 pages showing Western Darling Downs, Miles, Chinchilla, Jandowae, Dalby and Oakey @1:250.000.

12 pages of The Northern Territory @1:200,000 - 47 page Property name index and map reference showing 20,336 property names + 2 Page index showing the properties in the Northern Territory with name & map reference.

Property names and boundaries, Rivers, Roads, Stock Routes, Rail, National Parks, State Forests, Prohibited areas, Lats and Longs & Homestead positions of the larger properties