No roads to darwin

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It is a journey, a very hazardous journey, which begins for one of the pursued in Italy. It is the result of an idea from mega wealthy arms dealer, Enzo Grassi, who has a great respect and love of Australia. He is embarrassed by his inherited wealth, and has a vision where the donation of a large sum of money to the Wentworth Group in Australia can kickstart a chain reaction that will help save the Earth from an environmental disaster down the track. To kill two birds with one stone he gives his spoilt daughter the project. She has to find an Outback guide to take her from near Adelaide to Darwin without travelling north on major roads and railways. They can, however, fly or take trains East or West. Grassi ropes in the sons of some of his wealthy friends, to pursue his daughter with paint guns. If shot. The project is over, and something else would have to be considered. One of the paintballers has a large gambling debt held by the Italian Mafia, and is desperate for a solution. He tells the Mafia who see the opportunity for large financial rewards. In partnership with one of the major agricultural chemical companies who see Grassi’s project as a very real threat to their welfare, the Mafia sends a contingent of their soldiers to Australia. They employ rogue elements of the Australian SAS to hunt down Gina Grassi and Jake Riley and prevent them getting to Darwin where the $5 billion would be beyond their reach.
Like many situations, the journey is more interesting than the destination and this is certainly the case here. This is a work of fiction, but the reader will finish the book with many rare insights into a diverse outback and its people.