Cattlemen in Pearls: Celebrating Women In Agriculture - Commissioned by Ian and Anne Galloway

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A wonderful collection of stories from around the country and across the generations. "Cattlemen in Pearls" shines a light on 28 quiet achievers in the beef industry. Their resilience, drive and passion will inspire. P.S. You don’t have to know anything about the beef industry to enjoy this book!'

- Pip Courtney, ABC TV Landline. 


Cattlemen in Pearls introduces you to 28 remarkable Australian women, spanning three generations, whose love for the land and livestock is ingrained in their genetic profile. These powerful, surprising and moving mini-biographies recount tales of gritty determination, direst tragedy and glorious courage. We are given rare insight into how and what it’s like to start a cattle business from scratch; to run a successful stud enterprise; to manage a vast cattle station; to head a pastoral industry group and corporation.

The tough physical and emotional terrain of the bush, and strong family ties, play a role in each of these diverse, down-to-earth and sometimes heartbreaking stories. There are droughts, floods, emergencies, times of despair and loss, as well as hilarious antics, joyous gatherings and extraordinary stories of success.

For each of these thoroughly capable, warm-hearted women there is simply no other lifestyle choice. Cattlemen in Pearls is a compelling tribute to women in agriculture, specifically Australia’s beef industry.

Creative Team – 

Commissioned by: Ian and Anne Galloway

Authors: Annabelle Brayley, Tracey Hartmann, Paula Heelan, Claire Mactaggart and Amanda Salisbury. 

Cover art: Sandra Allen. Editor: Bev Ryan. Graphic design: Elspeth Barker.