Where's Wally? : The Search For The Lost Things by Martin Handford

Where's Wally? : The Search For The Lost Things by Martin Handford

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Wally and his friends invite you on an extraordinary journey to find their most precious possessions. Hours of fun and things to do! Sensational!

Help Wally find his misplaced key, Wenda find her camera, Woof dig up his bone, Wizard Whitebeard locate his scroll and Odlaw hunt for his binoculars, completing all the activities on the way. This stupendous compendium features over a hundred pages of seaches, puzzles, spot-the-differences, mazes, word games, doodles, riddles, matching games and much more. Wow!

  • Where's Wally? celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012 and has become a global phenomenon.
  • The series has sold over 50 million copies worldwide in 30 languages
  • Wally has reached celebrity status! He has appeared in the primetime American TV shows Frasier, The Simpsons and Friends; on the 1000th anniversary cover of Rolling Stone magazine as a cultural icon of the last 40 years; and on Google Earth.
About the Author

Martin Handford spent his childhood drawing and his earliest influences were cinema epics and playing with toy soldiers. At art college he continued to draw battle scenes which led to his job as a freelance illustrator specialising in crowd scenes. Martin gathers inspiration from a huge variety of sources: films, museums and art galleries, reading comics and books, and collecting ephemera and trivia. He is fascinated by crowds, and their vibes, patterns and details – especially humour. Each picture takes Martin months to draw.